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Schools Reopening 2021

Last Updated on 14/02/2021 by Francis Regan

Hello everyone, here we are waiting for the Irish government to open schools while children are suffering, loosing out on that important interaction and communication skills that only school years can give them, the future problems society will have with teenage suicide and substance abuse brought on by loss of community spirit, lack of direct interaction with their peers, teachers friends.

Our government has failed these kids, their families, and their future, I am concerned for my own children that I am having to home school when I am not a trained teacher, having to sit at home because my business has been closed down by our government and be dad and teacher which is unnatural non productive and a quick fix for a government clutching at straws, if anybody is feeling the same and want me to forward their feelings through this portal just go to my contact page and write, I will give you a voice.